The Proudest Day Of My Life

Hello! اثنين سعيد! Let’s make it a great week!!

I started my day with… you’ll never guess…
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What I eat In A Day – runner edition
What I ate in a day. Food diary from a runner not currently training for a marathon or half marathon. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks plus tips.

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Before We Were Strangers Review


a run. I just set out with no goal and ended up doing 8 miles. It was the best most lost-in-your-thoughts-forget-that-you’re-running kinda run. Ahhhhh! تعطي شعور رائع.

Then, I had breakfast. I’ve been been waking up super early waiting for the sun to peek up before I set out so I had half a Quest bar before my run too.

But let’s go back to yesterday real quick …

Yeah, I got epically lost on the way to my brother’s place. Like, I went 50 miles in the wrong direction then turned around and somehow got lost again. I ended up somewhere that I don’t even recognize the grocery stores. I might have been in Arizona at this point.

So, I ditched that plan and went home. Boo.

But when I did get home I was super productive! and this is where the proudest moment of my life comes in…

I spotted a bookshelf at Target the other day that was on sale. I was about to buy it but knew I should clean before bringing new junk into the house. So, I cleaned and a week later went to check on the self. It was still there so I grabbed it and ran calmly paid for it and left the store.

The only thing I’ve built before are sandwiches so I wasn’t sure how this would go. I took a deep breath, grabbed a screwdriver (the drink) and some tools and went for it…

أنا فعلت هذا!!!!

أنا فخور بنفسي. I had to be patient and pay attention to details = 2 things that are NOT my strong suit. I made something!!

It was so rewarding I’m thinking about ditching this whole running blog thing and becoming a builder of some sort.

But just when I started to look for carpenter jobs I realized that I don’t exactly have the wardrobe for that right now.

See, this is what I used my new bookshelf for…

تم الضبط عليه!

Watching me make a book shoe shelf was exhausting for vegas so he fell asleep. thanks for the help buddy.

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